Equipment Rules for U14+

Re-sending this note from last month with a couple updates. Unfortunately, there are some significant equipment regulation changes coming for the new 2016-17 ski season. 😦

You’ll find a link to the draft regulations coming from USSA on our Resources page. I’d like to say there’s a chance these might change but that does not appear to be the case. Below is a quick overview but if you need more detail, please review the document and if there are questions, please contact me, your athlete’s coach, or Glenn Mux at Ski Company. Most of the shops should be up to speed BUT, if there seems to be any confusion – RUN AWAY, get details, and ask your coach before committing to something that won’t be legal!!

In a nutshell, the new equipment rules are as follows:

  • U19 SG, Men and Women will need to be on Women’s FIS SG skis at a minimum: min. length 200cm. 40m Radius (>40M).
  • U19 GS Men will need to be on Women’s FIS GS ski at a minimum: 30m Radius (>30M), no length requirement because they are only made in limited lengths.
  • U19 GS Women will need to be on a 25M radius ski – again no length requirement because of limited options from manufacturers. NOTE: This is a NEW ski and may be a little difficult to find!! Make sure they meet the 25M specification – if necessary, you can always go up to a 27M or 30M ski, the requirement is greater than 25M (>25M).
  • U16 SG Men and Women: 183 cm min length, 30M radius skis (>30M) (This is a change from last years 27M ‘recommended’ specification). As per above, a 33M (>33M) would also be legal for U16’s.
  • U16 GS Men and Women: no real change. No min length, 17M radius min. (>17M). NOTE: Please consider something closer to 21M or 23M, 17 will not prepare the athlete for the future!)
  • U16 SL Men and Women: Min 130cm.
  • U14 SG AND GS Men and Women: 17M radius minimum (>17M), no min length. NOTE: Consider getting their U16 GS ski for use as a SG this year (or even their U16 SG if the athlete is big and strong enough). When in doubt, please contact myself, your athlete’s coach, Glenn at Ski Co., or the race department at your ski shop of choice.

This is a significant change for the U19’s, slightly problematic for the U16’s, and should be no issue for U14’s but it does mean we need to be looking to the future as we get equipment for the younger athletes in order to help them develop the skills necessary for the equipment they’ll be using as they get to U19’s. If there are any question please feel free to contact me or your athlete’s coach or the shops.

NYSSRA also recently sent out an email with a link to this site which specializes in used ski/race gear: , there are also a number of other shops both physical and online that sell used equipment that may help ease the burden of these changes.

Jeff Jenkins

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