Entry-Level Officials Course

We’re beginning to get close to ski season, and every year around now NYSSRA offers several officials clinics for entry level as well as continuing courses for officials along with the required updates.

In the past you were required to attend a CO (Competition Official) course in-person at one of our clinics. Then, you’d go home, join USSA and receive CO1 status which certifies you for race officiating (Gate Judges, Hand Timers, etc.) Then after you have some experience you could take a JA course to work as a Jury Advisor (Start or Finish Referee) or other officials such as Referee, Chief of Course etc.

This year there is a new option for entry level officials! USSA is offering a home version of the course where these people can download a PDF file, study the contents and then take a short quiz when they are done which they can mail in to NYSSRA for grading. (This year we will offer CO at our clinics but this will probably be the last year)

Are you interested in becoming an official? You can take the course and become a USSA and NYSSRA Official with this home-based option.

  1. IMPORTANT: Before taking the course, you’ll need to become USSA and NYSSRA members. Without memberships in place, you will not receive credit for the course; you cannot take the course this year and get credit for it in future years.
  2. Download the course on the NYSSRA web site under Officials
  3. Study the documents and take the short 1 page quiz at the end
  4. Mail the quiz to NYSSRA. Our address is below and included in the download file.


Dirk Gouwens
NYSSRA Executive Director5 Southside Dr. Suite 11-173
Clifton Park NY 12065

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